We wanted to share some important updates regarding health and safety with the members of all of our communities. Read more

Important updates regarding the health and safety of our communities. Read more

Bored? 7 Activities for Your Family During Quarantine

Here are some fun ideas to chase away your family's boredom during quarantine!

7 Ways to Spend Quality Time

With Your Family During Quarantine

1: Barbecue

Did you know that May is the National Barbecue Month and National Hamburger Month? So fire up the grill, turn on your favorite tunes, and spend a pleasant evening outside with your family!

2: Celebrate a new holiday

According to the following list of May holidays, there is a national holiday to celebrate every single day! It’s no coincidence that Mother’s Day and National Clean Your Room Day both fall on May 10th.

3: Garden

This gardening calculator will tell you when and what to plant in your garden. Just enter your zip code and check out all of the possibilities!

4: Walk

Want to spice up your family’s daily walk? The CEO of SG Communities, Sam Hales, often carries dumbbells when he walks with his wife in the morning.

5: Board games

Here is a list of 76 popular board games. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved and to ignite a little competitive energy!

6: Virtual party

Want to hang out with your cousins and family friends? Play “Pictionary” or “Heads Up” over Google Meet! If you are feeling a little crazier, try having a dance party or a mosh pit over Google Meet.

7: Decorate your home together

Want ideas for how your family can decorate your home on a budget? This article will give you 5 creative ideas!