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5 Creative Ideas for Decorating a Manufactured Home on a Budget

Moving can be stressful. Decorating your new space is an easy way to smooth the transition and help your family feel at home again. Here are our favorite tips for decorating a manufactured home on a budget.

Our Tips on Decorating a
Manufactured Home on a Budget

1: Paint the Walls

One way to make a major impact on your new space is to put up a new coat of paint in your favorite color. Plus, choosing a lighter color can help your space feel bigger.

Painting only an accent wall or using a paint that doesn’t require a primer is one way to make this project a little more time and wallet-friendly.

2: Create a Space for Yourself in the Front Yard

You can make the entrance of your home welcoming by adding a small seating area and some plants, creating the perfect place to sit out and enjoy the neighborhood.

3: Reuse Items You Already Own

You’d be surprised at how many items you already own can be used to spruce up your home. Old bottles or jars can be used to add a bit of sparkle to a windowsill or as creative candle holders. A stack of books can become an accent for an end table.

4: Make Your Furniture Work Double-Time

Another great way to maximize your space is to make use of items that can serve more than open purpose. For example, a bench that also offers storage. A stool can double as an end table or bedside table.

5: Make Use of Mirrors

You can use a mirror you already own or pick one up second-hand in your living area. Mirrors can serve to make your space seem larger, visually.

Redecorating your manufactured home is a great way to make the space feel like your own. If you’re still looking for your new home, you can view our inventory of manufactured homes throughout the US, and learn how you can save money on your home, on our offers page!